James M Earnhardt

I graduated from high school in 1960. After a year of discovering that a decent job would not come along until after my military obligation was fulfilled. I decided in May of 1961 to enter the US Army. After basic traning at Ft. Jackson SC and while on leave I married my high school sweetheart Kay Honeycutt as of July 2011 we have been married 50 years. I reported to Robins Air Force Base US Army SAC Defense and reported to B Battery in Byron. Here to serve until my seperation in 1964.

At the seperation depot at Ft. Benning I was told that I would still need to serve and addition period of one year in the active reserve or national guard. (False) I did serve the year in the NC National Guard

Back at home I worked in several capacities (carpenter, steel fabrication draftsman, electrical and electronics as well as pneumatic insturmentation). In 1982 I was introduced to industrial computer maintenance and programming. In 1984 I was introduced to the PC as we know it today. So, today I get the feeling that I know nothing about computers because just as I learn something new they throw new in the cyberworld . (blogging, tweetering, streaming) just to name a few.

I am involved in church work presently serving as Adult Sunday School Superintendent as well as teaching a senior adult class. I am also involved in freemasonry local and statewide level. To all of this I feel I have had a good life before military and afterward (or "I Did It "MY WAY",

James M Earnhardt